The Future

There is no doubt that the challenges facing pangolin conservation are many. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused untold social and economic harm worldwide, the impact of this may have on pangolins and their future is hard to determine.

There are a myriad conservation charities focusing on the best way to save pangolins from extinction, in our way, we are joining the need to save these shy mammals from a very uncertain future. How can Illegal poaching be stopped? Through worldwide condemnation coupled with each country trying to arrest the poachers. They need to have the political will to prioritise pangolin conservation across range states. Governments are now using sophisticated scientific information to make informed decisions. We are encouraged that through these activities, the endogenous pangolin conservation initiatives and projects are appearing in countries from Liberia to South Africa and from Pakistan to the Philippines.

We are dedicated to take concrete steps to advance conservation of the species, your support will help reduce illegal trafficking and help dedicated rangers to save these gentle creatures and to protect their natural habitat from being destroyed.

The Future is impossible to predict, but with your help, together we can do our best to help to SAVE THE PANGOLINS.